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About Mountain Melodies

Mountain Melodies Manufacturing is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Manufacturing has been a part of our lives for quite some time.  We are dedicated in creating our products with a high standard of quality and care. Each piece is handcrafted to the standards that you, the customer, set.  It is important to us to create new ways to improve the process by listening to our customers’ feedback.  Our motto is great customer service with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our goal is to introduce and teach the simplicity and enjoyment that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes by simply following the numbering system. We believe that everyone will be able to enjoy the melodic sounds of this ancient instrument also using it as a tool to teach its fascinating history. We enjoy teaching children that they too, can learn to play such an instrument and seeing the look of accomplishment on their faces is such a joy for us.

About The Owners

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Paul and Sue Bergstrom live in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia, just eight, scenic miles outside of Blairsville at the foot of Cook’s Mountain.

Paul was born in 1947 and Sue in 1962. Both were born and raised in Minnesota and decided that snow need not be a constant part of their lives. So “Hello” to a warmer climate, with little snow (if any), and nature’s best at their doorstep!

The mission began in 2005 when Paul retired after thirty years in the medical industry. Relocation from the busy Atlanta area to the mountains, brought both a new and exciting, creative venue, which had been held captive while raising a family.

Music was not in the picture, because Paul cannot sing or even hum very well, and Sue just enjoyed her radio. A trip to the Pension Mountain range and a chance meeting with Glenda Allison of Berryville, Arkansas, brought both Paul and Sue to a simple venue of music making. Kalimbas (or thumb pianos) became an obsession, and teaching the young and old to play music became a mission.

Keys and strings,  make the mission of “Music Made Simple” their motto. Thumb Pianos, DulGars, 3 and 4 string Cigar Box Guitars, as well as Cigar Box and Gourd Amplifiers are Mountain Melody’s specialties!

When not building or designing something that makes sweet sounds, Paul can be found with a good book and Sue in her Art Room, creating necklaces and earrings from the leftover pieces of the instrument production.

Banter between husband and wife over what to do next seems to be quite constant. Sue is always bringing new and exciting ideas to Paul’s design desk and Paul saying, “Hey, I’m supposed to be retired!”. When they do take time off, it is on the motorcycle off to points unknown. Both are avid motorcyclists, and really enjoy the open road with the wind in their faces.